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cut & style


Haircut & Blow-out $80

Haircut Only $55

Beard Detail $12

Bang Trim & Neck Cleanup $15 - Complimentary for returning clients


Blow-out $45

Blow-out + Iron Styling $55

Iron Styling $30

come with clean & dry hair to be smoothed or curled

Event Styling $85 - $120

color & conditioning

To ensure we meet your desired look, a complimentary consultation is provided for all new clients. This allows us to discuss your goals, perform a hair analysis, and book the proper time for your services. Base prices may vary depending on Length and Density of hair. 


New Growth Retouch $75

1/2" to 1" of growth

Partial New Growth Retouch $50

1/2" to 1" of growth along hairline and front quadrants

Bleach Retouch + Gloss $120

1/2" to 1" of growth

All Over Bleach + Gloss  $220 - $420*

All Over Color $100 - $200*

*price may change based on density & length

Base Bump $30

lightens natural dark blonde base in-between highlights

10 Minute Grey Blending New Growht $45

All Over Grey Blending $90

blends grey by adding more "pepper" - not full coverage

Corrective Color $100 Hourly

Gloss/Toner $45

adds a clear shiny gloss to all hair types or refine blonde tones


Accent Foil + Gloss $120

Partial Foil + Gloss $165

Full Foil + Gloss $215

Accent Balayage + Gloss $140

Partial Balayage + Gloss $190

Full Balayage + Gloss $240

hand painted highlights for soft and natural effect

Partial Foilayage + Gloss $240

Full Foilayage + Gloss  $290

foilayage is a combination of hand painting and foils to achieve  maximum lightness

Platinum Card + Gloss  $300 - $600

every single section of hair is foiled - ideal for reaching true platinum and maximum brightness


Botanical Strengthening Treatment $40

Add on to Color Service $20

deep restorative treatment that repairs the hair from the inside-out 

CBD 3-in-1 Molecular Mender System $65

repair, smooth, & add shine with all 24 amino acids your hair needs - derived from CBD, CBC, and CBG.


Price is based on Length and Density of hair.

Short - Above Shoulders Medium - Rests on Shoulders Long - Below Shoulders Extra Long - Falls to or below Mid-Back


Reduces frizz  while keeping your natural curl for a much smoother and frizz free look. This service will not straighten out your hair but make it more manageable. Adds shine, reduces blow-dry time, locks in moisture and color. Can leave curly or straight after service.

 No downtime is required after a Brazilian Blowout.

Great for all hair types. 

Lasts 3 months. 

Short $250

Medium $300

Long $350

Extra Long $400


Calms frizz, reduces blow-dry time, adds shine. Great for all hair types. Cannot wash, wet, or bend hair for 8 hours.  

Lasts 4 - 6 weeks. 

Short $75

Medium $85

Long $95

Extra Long $105


Best for more permanent results. A consultation and hair test is required before this service can be booked in order to make sure your hair is a good candidate for this service. Cannot wash, wet, or bend hair for 48 hours. 

Softening - Slightly relaxes curls for a more wavy look. 

Lasts 4 months until new growth retouch needed.

$150 - $300

Smoothing - Smooth out your curls while maintaining volume.

Lasts 6 months until  new growth retouch needed. 

$350 - $500

Straightening - Completely straightens your curls for a sleek and smooth style. 

Lasts 6 -  8 months until new growth retouch needed.

$500 - $800


Reduce frizz and smooths out curls 2 - 3 levels. Ideal for medium to coarse hair types. Cannot wash, wet, or bend hair for 48 hours.

Lasts 5 months. 

Short $350

Medium $400

Long $450

Extra Long $500


Extension services have a required consultation time to match both color and texture. After the consultation a non-refundable deposit is required to order your custom hair and reserve your appointment. Hair cannot be returned once it is purchased through the manufacturer, therefore the deposit is non-refundable but the hair is yours to keep. Hair needs to be reinstalled every 8 - 10 weeks for Tape In Extensions and 10 - 12 weeks for Hand Tied.  Please come with clean dry & straightened hair the day of installation to avoid an additional wash and styling cost.


Clip-Ins are great for adding temporary fullness and length when needed. They can be removed and reinstalled yourself at home for special occasions or for fun. They are cut and styled to match your hair for ease and maximum effectiveness. They last for as long as you take care of them.

Cost of Extensions

16' $130 per pack

18" $160 per pack

20" $190 per pack

Extension Installation $85

includes cutting and styling


Tape In Extensions are ideal for creating volume and length on fine to medium textured hair. Extremely light - they're great for finer hair since they don't pull or add stress to the root of the hair. Hair lasts for up to one year before new hair will need to be ordered.​

Cost of Extensions

14" $175 per pack

18" $200  per pack

22" $250  per pack

Extension Installation 

includes cutting and styling

$150 per hour

Removal & Retaping $65

*does not include re-installing

Removal Only $45


Sew-in Weft Extentions are perfect for fine to thicker textured hair to add both length and volume. Hair is beaded and sewn into your existing hair for minimal maintenance and easy styling. Hair lasts for as long as it's well cared for. 


Cost of Extensions

Hand Tied Wefts - Finer Hair

18" $520  per pack

22" $620  per pack

Machine Tied Wefts - Med to Coarse Hair

18" $750 per pack

22" $1000 per pack

Extension Installation

includes cutting and styling

$200 per hour

Extension Removal $40